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GBM Support Services Group’s wide ranging support services provide a clean, safe, quality environment for our clients, their staff and customers. Our award-winning cleaning, maintenance, waste and facilities management services are used by the UK’s leading businesses, including international banks, law firms, leisure parks, conference and shopping centres.

From law firms to international banks and professional services, we provide our customers with a comprehensive array of support services to the highest standards. Operating in some of the most prestigious business locations in the UK, our friendly, effective teams ensure that our customers’ environments reflect their highly professional ethos at all times.

We provide a wide range of support services and staff to our clients who include entertainment and concert venues, arts and conference centres and large public spaces. Our flexible, out-of-hours and seasonal services ensure that our customers can successfully meet the demands of their many local, national and international visitors.

We provide cleaning, security, maintenance, facilities management and staffing for some of the UK’s leading shopping destinations. We operate devolved management structures responsible for the delivery of an integrated service; with many clients, we promote the multi-skilling of staff to ensure the highest quality service and best value practices.

Our wide ranging, flexible and specialist services ensure that our customers can meet the demands of providing their large numbers of visitors with a clean, safe, welcoming and highly effective venue or location. As well as cleaning and security our trained and friendly teams are available out-of-hors, 24 x 7 to provide the highest level of service to customers at all times.

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